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Social Engagementz will teach you the Rulez and Toolz for Social NetworkingSocial media is the new norm for building and strengthening your professional network of colleagues, clients, and customers.  But it can be a confusing and uncomfortable environment if you’re new to the game.  Social Engagementz can help you:

  • Build an effective online presence
  • Engage your online community
  • Learn the written and unwritten rules of social networking
  • Save time and effort with social media management tools

Rulez bubble copyEven if you are new to social networking, you don’t want to make a social blunder that makes you look like a Newbie. Rulez will help you understand those unwritten rules of social networking etiquette.

Toolz bubble copy

As important as social networking is, it can be time consuming. Toolz will introduce you to applications to make your social networking efforts quicker and easier.

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